Corrections Division

The Corrections Division coordinates the daily operation of all aspects of the correctional facility such as handling custody, transport, feeding, care, medical needs and recordkeeping.

As a service to the public, the Sheriffs Department has an ATM machine outside the lobby of the Corrections Department. Additionally, the department also has a list of bondsmen posted outside the lobby for the community to utilize.

Division Team

Title: Name    
Warden Edward Scott 225 562-2505 Email
Assistant Warden Derick Washington 225 562-2205 Email
Warden's Secretary/Record Management Jena Copponex 225 562-2221 Email
Warrants Dederie Steib 225 562-2215 Email
Recordkeeping Brittany Fontenot 225-562-2220 Email
Crash Report/ Sex Offenders Wendy Bolding 225 562-2221 Email
Commissary Roxie Batiste 225 562-2228 Email