St. James Sheriff’s Office

The men and women of the St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office are sworn to “protect and serve” the people of this parish. This oath is accomplished by giving the highest level of service to the community, and through regular scheduled training and by maintaining a strong commitment. Our regular deputy sheriffs total one hundred and two and our part-time deputy sheriffs total seven. Our goal is to provide quality professional law enforcement to St. James Parish. Thank you for visiting our web site.

Our Mission

The St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing quality law enforcement to the residents, businesses, and visitors of our parish. We strive to establish safe and secure communities so that our residents can live, prosper and have peace of mind. Our primary goal is to serve and protect while exhibiting honesty, integrity, fairness, and concern to all. By committing ourselves to the citizens of St. James Parish, we recognize the importance of our duty to make our parish a safe and secure place to live and grow.