St. James Parish Sheriff's Office

Uniform Patrol Division

The members of the Uniform Patrol Division are normally the first officers to arrive on the scene of an accident or incident. Their ranks are composed of multi-talented dedicated individuals who maintain vigilance within the parish through the use of automobiles, motorcycles, off-road four-wheelers and boats. Because of their close association with the private citizens of this parish, they establish some of the closest relationships between the public and the law enforcement community.

Division Team

Title: Name    
Commander Dustin Jenkins 225 562-2810 Email
Lieutenant Jason Doucet 225-562-2200 Email
Sergeant Lex Sweeney 225 562-2200 Email
Lieutenant Travis Lawless 225 562-2200 Email
Sergeant Alton Washington, Jr 225 562-2200 Email
Lieutenant Devon Dabney 225 562-2200 Email
Sergeant Arthur Flot 225 562-2200 Email
Lieutenant Michael Dufrene III 225 562-2200 Email
Sergeant Raymond A. Marzilli 225 562-2200 Email
Fleet Manager Cody Malkiewicz 225 562-2409 Email