St. James Parish Sheriff's Office

Corrections Division

The Corrections Division coordinates the daily operation of all aspects of the correctional facility such as handling custody, transport, feeding, care, medical needs and recordkeeping.

As a service to the public, the Sheriff’s Office has an KIOSK machine outside the lobby of the Corrections Department to add finds to an inmates commissary account. Additionally, the office also has a list of bondsmen posted outside the lobby for the community to utilize.

Division Team

Title: Name    
Warden Capt Anthony Joseph 225 562-2505 Email
Assistant Warden Lt LaTanya Sterling 225 562-2205 Email
Assistant Warden Lt Keith Guerin 225 562-2227 Email
Warden’s Secretary/Record Management Jena Copponex 225 562-2221 Email
Warrants Demi Bourgeois 225 562-2215 Email
Recordkeeping Brittany Fontenot 225-562-2220 Email
Crash Report/ Sex Offenders Wendy Bolding 225 562-2221 Email
Commissary Sgt Roxie Batiste 225 562-2228 Email