St. James Parish Sheriff's Office

Police Social Services

The Police Social Services (PSS) Division provides services to victims or witnesses of crimes by ensuring their needs are met by connecting them to resources such as counseling, crime victim reparations, transportation and more. The PSS Division also provides victims advocacy and assistance with applying for protective orders.
PSS deputies are involved in the daily lives and social functions of the older citizens in our community. Deputies are strictly involved with the retired and more mature victims of crime. Deputies often visit the Senior centers in the parish to make sure elderly citizens needs are met and to provide preventive services to help eliminate some fears of older citizens.
The PSS Division has also been developed to assist individuals and families in our community who may be struggling with mental illness or substance abuse by connecting them to resources.

Division Team

Title: Name    
Victim/Social Services Ebony White 225 562-2808 Email
Elderly Services Denesia Batiste 225 562-2349 Email