St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office: Sharing Crime Data with Public CrimeMapping Website

Convent, LA: St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office is helping build a safer community by providing the public with valuable information about local crime through an interactive website called CrimeMapping.

“CrimeMapping by Zuercher is another tool to help us inform our citizens about what is happening in their neighborhoods.  Our citizens will now have the ability to find out what crimes are taking place near their homes.  By keeping them better informed, they can take measures to protect themselves, and possibly provide information to us that may aid in solving crimes.“ Sheriff Willy Martin, Jr.

CrimeMapping, from Zuercher Technologies, is an easy-to-navigate public website that allows residents the ability to map out and analyze crime in their neighborhoods. Citizens have the ability to do live searches and set up personalized email alerts on crimes that occur in a radius around specific addresses.

The website uses an advanced mapping engine to extract crime data directly from the Sheriff’s Zuercher Records Management System on a regular basis, ensuring that the information is the most current available.

St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office has taken a progressive approach to transparency, working with the public to improve community awareness and safety. Better informed citizens can look out for each other and take precautionary measures to keep themselves and their neighbors safe. CrimeMapping gives citizens the data they need to be more engaged, aware, and assist local authorities in building safer communities.

How to use CrimeMapping

Go to Type in the location that matters to you (street address, landmark, or zip code) and do a live search. Zoom in to view records. You can filter your search by location and date, and even create your own reports and charts to analyze crime trends near you

Click the red button on the top right portion of the screen that says ‘œRECEIVE ALERTS’ to set up personalized email alerts for the type of crime in what locations you select. You can create and receive alerts for multiple addresses and search distances.

iOS version is available here