Civil Live Scan

The St James Parish Sheriff’s Office Civil Live Scan system will allow private employers, state agencies, and other entities to submit an employment applicants fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Louisiana Department of Public Safety (DPS) for the purpose of positively identifying prospective employees. These background checks on individuals determine if applicants are eligible to hold positions involving children, the elderly, or disabled. It verifies if applicants have active warrants for arrest, have an arrest record or if the applicant is a convicted sex offender.


  • No more ink
  • Digitally capturing fingerprints for electronic submission results in fast, positive identification of applicants typically within 24 hours
  • An employer can schedule a scan time that is convenient
  • Criminal records are not seen by anyone other than the registered employer
  • Results can be accessed via secure website and can be mailed directly to an employer from DPS

Costs associated with Live Scan:

  • FBI Background Check ($14.75)
  • Louisiana State Police Background Check ($26.00)
  • St James Parish Sheriff’s Office processing fee ($10.00)
  • Louisiana Sheriff’s Association Fee ($5.00)

• Total cost for a background check will be $41.00.

• If an FBI background check is also required, the total will be $55.75.

Businesses that would like to utilize Live Scan must first register through DPS and then use the Live Scan agency user manual to set up user privileges in the Civil Inquiry Network. To activate an account, contact Alan Davis with Louisiana Sheriff’s Association at 225-214-0018.

Once a business or agency has registered with DPS, activated an account, and scheduled applicants, applicants should be directed to submit their prints electronically by going to the St James Parish Sheriff’s Office located at 5800 Hwy 44 in Convent. Accepted methods of payment are authorized company check or money orders.